Field trip

There will be 2 routes for the field trips. The participates can only join one of the two routes. Please send email to Secretariat 

( to tell us your choice. 


1.The field trip would be organized only if there are more than 10 participants for this route.

2.Registration deadline for field trips:17:00pm, April 30, 2019.

3.Registration: registration is successful when travel agency has received full payment.

4.Cancellation: No charge (10 days ahead, that is before May 2, 2019); 50% tour fare

    (5 days ahead, that is before May 9, 2019); 100% tour fare (after May 9, 2019).

5.Payment: ① on line ②cash:RMB/USD  ③credit card

Route 1: Dunhuang, Gansu

Beijing---Dunhuang, Gansu---Beijing

May 13, 2019: 

Travel by air from Beijing to Dunhuang in the morning, then go to visit Dunhuang Gobi Desert Research Station, Northwest 

Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, CAS by excursion bus and understand their researches on sand disaster 

prevention and control. 


Visitors will visit Singing Sand and New Moon Pool in the afternoon and understand the regulation of sand flow field and the 

relationship between wind, sand and pool. 

image.png           image.png

May 14, 2019:

Visitors will investigate the prevention and control of sandstorm disasters in Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang and visit Dunhuang 


image.png          image.png

May 15, 2019: 

Fly from Dunhuang back to Beijing in the afternoon.

Route 2: Xi'an, Shaanxi

Beijing---Xi'an, Shaanxi---Beijing 

May 13, 2019: 

Travel from Beijing to Xi'an by high-speed train in the morning, and then investigate the landslide disaster at Cuihua 

Mountain in the afternoon. Visitors will stay at Xi'an overnight. 

May 14, 2019: 

Investigate debris flow disaster and earthquake ruins at Huashan Mountain. Visitors can also learn about the geological environment, topography 

and landform of loess.

May 15, 2019: 

Visit Xi'an City (Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Ming Dynasty City Wall) in the morning, and travel from Xi'an back to Beijing by 

high-speed train in the afternoon.