Mr. Soichiro Yasukawa.jpg

Soichiro Yasukawa, Programme Specialist, Coordinator for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience, Section on Earth Sciences and Geo-hazards Risk Reduction, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO

· Tentative Title: UNESCO's Multi Stakeholder Engagement on DRR

Dr. Chang Liu.jpg

Chang Liu, Deputy Director, Knowledge Centre Office, General Administration Department, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE); Director, Division of International Cooperation of IKCEST

· Tentative Title: International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under tha Auspices of UNESCO: Founding Philosophies and Current Practices 

Dr. Elena A. Grigorieva.JPG

Elena A. Grigorieva, Leading Researcher, Institute for Complex Analysis of Regional Problems Far-Eastern Branch Russian Academy of Sciences (ICARP FEB RAS)

· Tentative Title: Three Polar Tourism: Climate Risk Aspects of Cross-Continental Travels