Silk-road Disaster Risk Reduction

Atlas of Silk Road Disaster Risk

Atlas of Silk Road Disaster Risk”. The Atlas, with over 120 drawings, illustrated physical and social conditions, disaster characterizes, and typical disaster events in the Silk Road. Disasters were selected from the typical prevailing disasters in the Silk Road area, including geological disasters, floods, droughts, earthquakes and ocean disasters. Further, the main outcome of this atlas is to vividly visualize the results of disaster risk assessment at multiple scales from the entire Silk Road area, to the regional and local level.

Part I: Disaster Environments, which provide background for disaster fostering. Location, lithology, environments, climate and social conditions;

Part II: Distribution and Characteristics of Disasters along the Silk Road, which categorized based on types of disaster, i.e. geo-hazard, ocean disaster, earthquake, flood, drought;

Part III: Typical disaster events along the Silk Road. This is a chapter which SiDRR called contributions from international researchers and practitioner and put together representative disaster case studies for including a description of disaster, causes, impacts, and management;

Part IV: Risk Assessment of Disasters along the Silk Road. To ensure the risk assessment results are reliable, this chapter invited international players from disaster risk assessment field working together to generate risk assessment result for each type of disasters at a different scale as well as integrated risk mapping.