Silk-road Disaster Risk Reduction


Task forces

The Silk Road for a long time suffers from four major types of natural hazards in terms of geophysics, hydrology, meteorology, and climatology. To concern the specific conditions of Silk Road areas and to aim at reducing multiple and transboundary disaster risk, SiDRR has set up six task forces to conduct research, in earthquake, ocean and meteorology hazards, geo-hazards, drought and flood, disasters risk analysis and management, and regional risk and mechanisms for joint hazards reduction, for the purpose of disaster risk reduction and management of said hazards and benefiting a large number of countries and livelihoods.


Since its establishment in 2016, SiDRR has made progress in various fields with its six task forces and set up partnerships with more than 20 leading institutes and universities in the world. There are some selected working outcomes of SiDRR as followings:

SiDRR and its Partners